Meta #41 - Season1 Launched! 😱

What are we doing? Who's in? What's next?


We’ve been running what we call the MetaSys for a few months now; with all systems stable and the price of Seeds reflecting it, we were ready to call it 1.0.

This means we’ve now entered the final stage of the Seed Phase. 😱

🎆 Welcome to Season01 - Winter2020 🎉

Seasonal goals, seasonal leaderboards, seasonal achievements, quarterly reviews & all those goodies that come with doing things in seasons. Making it easier to stay on track & allowing more people to rise up & make a name for themselves without dedicating their whole lives to MetaGame.

❄️ Winter2020 Goals 🌠

One of the first things we started building after setting up the core socioeconomic infrastructure was MyMeta.

  • Based on 3Box, MyMeta profiles are to be used by anyone who wants a members directory for their DAO, or simply a personal workfolio page.

  • You can check the current iteration here.

There are many things to be fixed & built on MyMeta, but it’s time to start building the rest of the platform. So we started doing just that, last week.

Besides the platform itself, the knowledge base will start playing a bigger role. Currently just the “MetaGame Wiki”; it will rebrand into the MetaLibrary to signify it will start hosting more & more not-necessarily-about-metagame-itself content.

To recap, the main goals are to:

  • Iron out the rest of MyMeta & productize it.

  • Generalize the MetaGame Wiki into the MetaLibrary.

  • Manifest the first version of the MetaOS we’re not ashamed to show.

🤨 Wait, what are you doing?

Have you not been paying attention at all, god damn it?!

We’re Forking The World & building a decentralized society.

Other things to get you up to speed?

Leading up to the launch we also asked the people why they joined MetaGame,
here are;

14 Reason The 300 Love MetaGame 🥰

  1. We are building the future of culture and social experiences from the ground up, what more could I ask for?

  2. Potential to actualize amazing things while working together with like-minded people and even getting rewarded.

  3. The style and the mission; to play & help; sky is the limit

  4. I joined because it seemed fuckin' awesome! I couldn't keep myself away and I still can't. It wraps its tentacles around you and nurtures the best in you. I had no idea when I joined but now it feels like just the right place to be.

  5. Make friends with aliens!

  6. To re-imagine society is really important as of now. I expect we create a much better alternative to organize the chaos that exists around the world today!

  7. None of us can build better future alone. So I like idea building community who is making a new, sustainable and decentralized world !

  8. We’re building the Operating System of the Future and it's going to be sooooo much fun ❤️

  9. I like the idea of building a better, more equal, open & united world.

  10. I appreciate the community aspect, it feels like a union of sorts.

  11. The community is set to build the foundations for a decentralized society.

  12. I feel like I can have a real and fulfilling impact on the world

  13. I like that metagamers build in a decentralized way and the community is an amazing combination of fun and practical. Love the memes!! Joining because the grassroots network I lead wants to implement some of the tools MetaGame is building. Learning to be a better community builder & to keep having fun 😁

  14. Because I believe the society should be rebuilt from ground up.

🤔 And who is building MetaGame?

A bunch of nobodies from the internet. Some anons & some simply unknowns.

  • None of us went to Harvard.

  • None of us have "prev. @Google" in our bios.

  • What we do have is a passion for building a better future.

  • What we do have is builders & the mindset.

Seriously though, we have people of crazy diverse backgrounds. From ex-plumbers & construction-workers-turned-devs, to permaculturalists and machine learning experts & back to a construction company CEO writing MG poetry; you’ll be able to find anyone.

I didn’t want to list people because it would necessarily mean excluding some and I’m not even sure whether they should be listed by total amounts of XP earned or based on most recent activities.

Also, because we’re trying to make it so that there is no “the team”. Instead, its a community of 300 people with the people easily flowing from active to passive & back to active states as they so choose.

Finally, our connections in the Ethereum space run deep. Some through years of collaboration & some made through doing things like the InterCon conference, the Fork The World hackathon or the MetaView podcast.

Here’s what some of our friends are doing:

⚔️ Guilds & Alliances 🤝

As stated numerous times before, we are but one of many projects metagaming the current structures of society. Our goal is to blend into the background & become just one of many guilds making this instance of metagame - MetaGame - real.

Builder Guilds

  • ⚔️ Raid Guild - Sharing aspirations, they’ve taken a different approach; recruiting soldiers & pooling money by slaying Web3 demons for coins first.

  • 🐝 1Hive - Sharing similar dreams of building the future; they’ve also taken a slightly different approach, which we love - let a thousand flowers bloom!

  • 🌱 Commons Stack - Starting with bonding curves & conviction voting, they’ve been building infrastructure for the commons for longer than we've been around.

  • 🏰 Build Guild - Recently started by the now-legendary Ethereum Onboarder of Developers, Austin Griffith, with the goal of building even more awesome stuff.

Service Guilds

  • Deep Work Studio - They’ve been doing great work helping people turn their ideas into actual products & their hazy visions into sharp focus.

  • 🎨 Design - A decentralized collective of designers & artists inspired by MetaGame; Design is the latest addition to this list.

  • 🔥_🔥 Fireeyes - Coming mostly from the same family, Fireeyes is here to help other projects design token & governance systems.

  • 🔬 Token Engineering - Among the first communities to ally with us. First through its members joining MetaGame, then by accepting Seeds as payments.

Support Guilds

  • 🍳 Panvala - Helping communities get fueled, Panvala is one of the latest supporters of our cause; recently adding us to The Panvala League.

  • 👭 MetaGammaDelta - Focused on getting more women in crypto, supporting each other through their social club & the grant program.

Project Guilds

  • Sourcecred - Core piece of MetaSys, they been breaking ground with tools for measuring value creation in for years now, should seriously check them out.

  • 🏡 DAOHaus - Starting with the Moloch DAO front-end, DAOHaus is now a full suite of tools for building DAOs with even more on the way.

  • 🤖 MetaFactory - Kind of in-between a service guild & a project guild, MetaFactory is building a platform for decentralized merchandise stores.

  • 🌝 Mooni - A uniswap-like interface with no KYC, sending monies from your crypto wallet directly to your bank account. The catch? Only in Europe.


Alliances are a layer above guilds; they are collectives of people & guilds.

  • 🌶️ MetaCartel - An ecosystem that came together to support the builders of Ethereum by offering connections & pooling money to give out. Over the past year, they seeded a considerable amount of cool projects - not all listed here.

  • 🌸 Bloom Network - With similar ends in mind as us, Bloom Network is already out there with local chapters all over the world - helping with disaster relief, solving real life problems & building regenerative economies. 😍

  • 🐙 MetaFam - Us! A collective of 150 Players & something like 50/150 Patrons; to be The 300 of MetaGame 😱 - but also 14 Guilds; building cool things, helping others build cool things or supporting the builders of cool things

Let’s see, what else…

Oh, right, a shitton of other raids.

⛓️ Chainlog 📜

  • Not too late to buy this Christmas greeting NFT card & send it to some of your loved ones!

  • The Raid Guild x MetaGame x DAOHaus meetup was fuckin’ lit. It was great to reconnect with the brethren and align on our paths forward.

  • Leading up to the Season01 launch, we voted for the final 4/14 guilds then I had them all gathered up & informed about the launch.

  • Then I did this Building Decentralized Societies talk at the Buidlerberg, next day did the same for the local university of informatics.

  • Preparing for launch, a bunch of people octo’d the fuck up. You might have noticed everyone has an octo in their name all of the sudden - maybe add it too?

  • The launch party was so lit many people weren’t even able to join at first, due to the capacity limits in the MetaMansion 😱

  • Vanilla updates all the roles in the #role-select & adds a few new ones, go check them out & maybe pick some new ones 🙃

  • Seeds now have ~$250k liquidity in the pool, making them as stable as ever.

  • Wonfiddy.eth joins the game and instantly starts contributing, first by inviting his popular youtuber friend, then by engineering an awesome intro track for the podcast.

  • People start exchanging their 1inch airdrop for Seeds. 😁

  • Biggest number of people so far get their roles switched out from Player to the Fallen Ones after being unresponsive to warnings. 😬

Onwards! 🐙

The quests didn’t fit the newsletter this week, but rest assured there are things to do if you choose to build during what is referred to as “the holidays”, by normal people. 🙃

Continuing regularly:

  • Mondays - Champions Ring - the 14 raid leads stand-up.

  • Wednesdays - Mid-week Storming, Feedback, AMA - open office, coworking.

  • Fridays - Community Gathering, welcoming new members & discussing things.

  • As always @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm UTC / 7pm CET / 10:30pm IST

Or Continue to MetaGame 👇

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