Fork The World Hackathon

Today marks the 4th anniversary since the downfall of the first DAO the world has seen. With the goal of funding the Ethereum ecosystem development, it attracted 11.5m ETH or $2.7 billion in today’s money.

Due to incessant hack attacks, it soon started leaking gas and the whole thing blew up. Grown-ups wept like toddlers, Ethereum was forked, faith was lost and a dark age for DAOs had begun…

Fast Forward

It is 5 A.D. now. And though we’re a long way from 11.5m ETH staked in the DAO ecosystem - let alone a single DAO - we now have 4 frameworks for building DAOs: Aragon, Colony, DAOStack & the Moloch.

However, what these nascent DAO frameworks are good for is mostly just fund management & voting. Automating away the top of the pyramid & the need for trust is great, but we all know what we currently have is far from enough when it comes to building organizations.

Not to mention the whole inter-DAO system is completely missing, and how are we to build a decentralized society without it?

Decentralized Society?

For me, this whole blockchain movement can be split into 3 major epochs. The rise of digital gold, followed by programmable money, leading into the age of decentralized organizations.

Ending the governmental monopoly over creation of money & enforcement of rules, we could say blockchain forms the bedrock of a post-nation-state world; it’s not hard to see some of these decentralized societies flippening nation state economies over the coming decade.

First DAO Hackathon

There hasn’t been a DAO focused hackathon yet, so we decided to start one. We also decided to make it about more than just development while we’re at it. Let’s hack on some designs, let’s hack some growth for existing DAOs, let’s launch some new DAOs!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll try to garner more support. We’ll be contacting the above mentioned DAO framework makers, DAOs & orgs that might be interested in boosting the building of decentralized coordination tools on Ethereum. EF? ConsenSys? If you’re reading this, come on. 💁‍♂️

We will give our best to unite the Ethereum ecosystem in this effort, but keep your expectations low - this will probably be a rather cozy hackathon with no big prizes. What we’ll try instead is to help you set up as a long term project on a path to financial independence.

July the 20th

What better time to kick this off, than the anniversary of The DAO hard-fork 🤷‍♂️

Whoever’s in - drop into this chat or subscribe here.