Fork The World - Extended!

Bigger pot, more bounties, more workshops & all of that!


We were saddened to see that so much money would be returned to the sponsors vs. given to great hackers - so we’ve extended Fork The World for another 5 days!

There’s things to learn & money to be made - so let’s keep it going!

📢 Workshops & Talks

Today! - 10am PST / 7pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Intro to cadCAD with Griff Green of Commons Stack

Monday! - 10am PST / 7pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Decentralised Autonomous Art Festival live design session using DAOcanvas, with James Simbouras of TrojanDAO & Felipe Duarte

Wednesday - 8:30am PST / 5:30pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Hackers check-in, help request, shill & hangout.

    9am PST / 6pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Product Design Hypersprint by Andrej of DeepWork

2:30pm PST / 23:30 CET Add to 🗓️

  • Conviction Voting on cadCADWorkshop with mZargham of Block Science

Thursday - 7-8:30am PST / 4-5:30pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Legal Wrappers for DAOs by Adam Juris of LexDAO

10am PST / 7PM CET Add to 🗓️

  • The Home of Women in the DAO space by Juliana of MetaGamma Delta

Friday - 11am PST / 8pm CET

Experimental Web3 Bootstrapping & Fundraising Methods Add to 🗓️

  • The DAOHaus Wae by James Waugh 5-10min

  • The DeFi Wae by Cooper Turley 5-10min

  • The MetaFam Wae by peth 5-10min

  • Open Discussion / Panel 10-20min

  • Hackers SOS, Shill Hacks & Submit before Midnight 😱

Monday - 11am PST / 8pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Judgement Day.

  • Closing Ceremony & The After Party!

Or just add the whole damn calendar.

If there’s a workshop you’d like to see listed, send us a suggestion & we’ll try to make it happen. Always feel free to contact any of us or @petheth & @yalor specifically & ask for any kind of help.

How to make money by doing cool things, you ask?

⚔️ Bounties & Raids

Educational/promotional/viral DAO Content $500 Attack ⚔️

  • Any kind of content around & about DAOs. We got a few submissions, but still a big opportunity to contribute something of greater value.

Design Bounties $500 Attack ⚔️

  • We got a few memes & shirt designs for MetaCartetel, MetaFactory & MetaGame, but still a lot of value to be captured.

MetaMaps Simple Mapping Bounty $500 Attack ⚔️

  • The basic version is done, which means this bounty now becomes an open raid like MyMeta, and anyone helping upgrade it gains.

Skill Tree - Mapping Web3 Knowledge $500 Attack ⚔️

  • We got the technical side built, but need to populate it with data. If you’re knowledgeable in any web3 or just remote work skills, great opportunity for you.

Decentralized DAO Metadata for DAOHaus $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Data storage for DAOs, should be easy money for someone who worked with 3Box’ Ceramic, Arweave or the like.

NFT Welcome Kit $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Make joining DAOs more delightful, doesn’t seem like anyone’s tackling it yet.

  • If you’re interested in the design side of this hack, check out the Design Bounty.

Most Unique and Engaged DAO $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Basically “coolest new DAO in DAOHaus”, seems wide open. If you’ve been working on a project that could be DAOfied, great opportunity.

Minion-enabled Plugins $1000 - Attack ⚔️

  • Build something with the Minion & make Moloch DAOs more autonomous.

  • Watch this minion workshop & take a stab at it.

Bounty Board or Set Roles on Aragon $1500 - Attack ⚔️

  • An app for posting tasks within & eventually between Aragon DAOs.

  • An app for setting roles for automatic payouts.

Awesome Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Build the best possible DAO onboarding experience.

Bot Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Make DAO operations better by using bots. We're looking for the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to make DAO operations better via bots.

Human Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Things that make it easier for people to join DAOs. This bounty will go to the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to help people join a DAO.

Capital Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Make it easier for people to coordinate capital into DAOs. This bounty will go to the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to get capital into a DAO.

Collab19 DAO Bounties 6ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • 3ETH to the best tool/thing that improves upon the Collab19 MVP.

  • 3ETH to the best Collab19 system DAO deployed in the wild.

Gnosis Conditional Token Frame Futarch Bounty $3000 - Attack ⚔️

  • Use Gnosis’ conditional token frame to build prediction-markets based governance for a DAO. A few applicants but still room.

MyMeta Open Raid $Uncapped - Attack ⚔️

  • Just join the raid & start contributing to building these Web3 profiles and you’ll automagically be rewarded. Check how it works through here.

🍴🌍 Prizes

Then there are the prizes whose winners will be chosen by our team of judges:

DAO Interoperability Hack $500

  • Best tool or service for operating between DAOs.

Best MyMeta extension $500

  • The best upgrade/biggest contribution to the MyMeta raid.

A Great DAO tool $1000

  • That useful thing for DAOs you’ve been thinking about, or at least an MVP of it. $1000 & a chance at further funding.

Awesome New DAO $1000

  • This goes out to the best new DAO launched during the DAO Hack Month. $1500 & a chance at further funding.

??? Surprise Prizes Pool $1500

~$25,000 total in the rewards pool.

And with the lack of good submissions, all those sweet $$$ go back into the DAO 😱

Don’t let that happen 🙃,

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