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Luckily, its a fun post! This time, we give you this story written by our dear Gnomeski, co-authored by peth.



Sailing the stormy seas of the Bear Winter of 2018-2020, peth had found himself rekt. Barely managing to grab a life jacket, he was now floating through the stormy night, making peace with the fact his life had probably just ended.

To his utmost surprise, he found himself breathing-in sand; washed upon a shore of a tropical island.

After the worst night of his life & being sure his end had come, he woke up in what seemed a paradise. At first, he was sure this must be heaven.

He started exploring & enjoying the island - and why not! Though there seemed to be no people, there were all kinds foods & resources. Apricots, Coconuts, Bananas, Coffee, Hemp, Mangos - you name it! In fact, he did name one! Among all the plants he had found, he also discovered one he did not recognize. Though deep purple in color, it reminded him of Melons. He named the fruit Mone.

After spending weeks there, peth had started building a raft. It didn’t take him long to build it but he did have to cut down all the Mone trees to do it.. Swearing this wouldn’t be the last time he tasted them, he stockpiled Seeds from all the Mones he had eaten.

The few he had left, he sold to the rich people on the mainland for ridiculous amounts of money; which he used to buy all the supplies he needed to move back to the island.

Numbas go up

He always wanted to build a self-sustainable village, but obviously, he couldn’t build it on his own, so he went on & told others; selling them on the idea of building a village on the paradise island, a community soon sprung up.

Most of the people he brought together didn’t have much experience setting up such a place, but as time went on, they all gained experience & built more things to support their budding society.

More rafts were also built and sent out to explore. Soon, communication routes were set up with nearby island communities. Sometimes, these neighbors would come visit & teach us their ways of planting, harvesting & building.

There was a spirit of great optimism and idealism on the island. They were all learning a lot, building up their vision of a utopia & sharing in abundance. There were all sorts of things they could grow & export from the island, but the Mone Seeds…

Only a few have actually tasted Mones, but the ones that did, claimed it was the best fruit they had ever tasted - and the word spread like wildfire.

Trouble in paradise

As time went on, there was a regular ferry to the mainland. People began to export their harvests & Seeds to the mainland in order to support themselves & import the things still missing on the island.

More people were taking up residence on the island & enjoying the wealth of its export, but it became apparent that their offerings were becoming less valuable. More & more had to be sold for less & less profit.

After the Bear Winter had ended, there came a rainy season which allowed for faster growth of island’s goods to export. But now, the rains seemed scarcer & scarcer.

With less & less rainfall, so too the harvests were ever smaller; and without the tropical rains pouring down, the sprouting Mone Trees had stopped growing altogether.

  • The Seeds are going to be of no value if there is no Ether watering them.

  • What’s worse, the people buying Seeds were less willing to risk their now-scarce Ether on planting & growing this almost mythical Mone tree.

  • Even worse, some of the folks weren’t selling Seeds only for their personal needs; they were selling them to buy shiny new things they were hoping would bubble up in value more than the elusive Mone they would be able to grow themselves.

Now, this situation could not continue without threatening the sustainability of the island as a whole. Something had to be done…

“We shouldn’t be selling our Seeds for peanuts, we should be planting as many Seeds as possible!” - peth proclaimed.

“Those who are able to, should be planting their Seeds & watering them with Ether.”

“Those without Seeds but believers nonetheless should bring their canisters of Ether to help water the plantation”

“We will continue building & we will continue planting! We shall make our sacrifice known to the Gods of Etherea & they will be merciful” - he reasoned…

Everyone wanted life on the island to continue as good as its been, but they knew it was not going to be easy. Some left & sold the remainder of their goods from the island, but the vast majority had faith.

And so they continued building more tools & rain catchers, and they continued planting whatever extra Seeds they had.

They continued to make their sacrifice in hope they will please the Gods of Etherea & summon The Great Flood.

Moral of the story

Wat do:

The next few months are going to be difficult so we must give it all we got & build as much as we can before the show is over…

MetaGame Meta 👀

Better Onboarding raid continues with a Cohorting System fully worked out, a Guild Toolshed & the Metarrhizal Network walkthrough video script created, T Wells working on a Cohort OnePager and FearlessThompson & Misanth working some magic into our Notion, setting up a page with evergreen quests for Engaged Octos. Misanth & Metaverde continue processing Curios Octo applications & Misanth holds another cohort onboarding session.

Dave of Designers Guild prepared the mobile version of the MyMeta filters & mocked up the “add new block” UI, coordinating with Luxumbra of Builders guild on implementing it. Trolleo designs the first version of the icons for the MetaMenu. Now onto the MetaMenu mobile version & waiting for some of the builders to start coordinating on Playbooks or Roles design & implementation.

In the Builders Guild, dan13 fine-tuned the MyMeta filtering implementation, added timezone filtering & infinite scroll to the players list. Blake makes good progress on implementing the MetaMenu & Saimano pushes out the analytics. The Wiki discussion session ended with a conclusion there will be no need to rebuild the wiki & we will instead upgrade it to Docusaurus v2.

Bridgebuilders coordinate on onboarding MetaCartel Ventures into MetaGame & doing a meetup with them (last Friday - went great!). Also start reaching out to other guilds that were cut off when we stopped onboarding new guilds & started a vote for guilds to get onboarded next. Peth drafted the guild onboarding conditions doc & attended the Future of Work call with Raid Guild, DAOHaus, Gitcoin & Panvala, shilled MyMeta & talked about other ways to collaborate.

Shillers Guild, headed by Bagholder McFomo, aligns for the first time to discuss the responsibilities & the roadmap for the Shillers of MetaGame. We spent some time discussing the overlap & points of coordination between the Shillers Guild & other internal guilds, then continued discussing more immediate tasks, like twitter threads on existing MetaGame content, like the podcast, playbooks, wiki etc.

Headhunters sign up for the Hack Money hackathon by ETHGlobal & start hacking a plan on how to successfully infiltrate it, recruit some more builders & maybe onboard an aspiring new guild or two.

The Playbooks raid continues with two more great sessions led by Tommy; one last Thursday & another one yesterday, making good progress. He also starts restructuring the Content Factory board as its gotten messy now with many more people using it.

XP Fairies take it upon themselves as their duty to take care of the Seed minting process & make sure it goes smooth from now on, as its obvious; having it as one man’s responsibility is irresponsible. They will help curate initiatives & build a credit review process, puting things up for discussion, helping evaluate contributions & raise questions. Penguin is looking to recruit more XP Fairies to help with the process.

Penguin recruits an Engaged Octo to the Bot Army raid & makes them a player - Vyvivy. He will start building the Sherpa bot while Penguin moves the existing bots to inside the MetaGame repo.

Necromancers, also led by Tommy, start warming up for another Purge by reviewing & updating the purge notice letter to be sent to questionable players then onto recruiting more Necromancers.

MetaRadio continues smooth-sailing; new podcast episode released, another one about to be released & the next one scheduled.

More players join the Champions Ring; Bacon as the Knowledge Worker & metaverde as the Meetup Master Deputy.

Peth takes a stab at mapping the organizational domains, what roles belong where & what is their purpose. Check this forum thread explaining it in more details & drop some feedback on it.

Most importantly:

Onwards! 🐙

Season2: Spring is close & Season3: Summer launch is upon us 😱

  • Join us this Monday to reflect on the past season & plan for the next!
    Season Closing/Opening Ceremony

  • As we haven’t done any sort of conference or a hackathon for this season, we’ll be doing an open office week. Keep your eyes open for a further announcement.

Other than that:

  • We’ll be hosting a bunch of FreeCodeCamp co-learning sessions! 🙃

    • Mondays 3pm-5pm UTC

    • Tuesdays 3pm-4pm UTC

    • Thursday 3pm-5pm UTC

    • Fridays 3pm-4pm UTC

Continuing as usual:

  • Mondays:

    • Champions Ring - the 14 raid leads stand-up meet

    • Headhunters Align @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CET / 10:30pm IST

  • Tuesdays:

    • Designers Align @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CET / 10:30pm IST

    • Shillers Align @ TBA

    • Writers Align @ 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 10pm CET / 1:30am IST

  • Wednesdays:

    • Builders Align @ 7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CET / 7:30pm IST

    • Better Onboarding @ 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET / 8:30pm IST

    • Mid-week Storming, Feedback, AMA - open office, coworking

  • Thursday:

    • Playbooks Workshop @ 9am PST / noon EST / 4pm UTC / 6pm CET / 9:30pm IST

  • Fridays:

    • Onboarding @ 8:15am PST / 11:15am EST / 5:15pm CET / 8:45pm IST

    • Community Gathering @ 9am PST / noon EST / 4pm UTC / 6pm CET / 9:30pm IST

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