Season 3 Roundup & Season 4 Forecast

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Another season comes to an end 😱
A quieter season given it was summer, but a productive one nonetheless.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Community

💀 The Purge

Another purge happened - the biggest one so far, with 50+ players removed & new slots made available for fresh blood!

…and then another one. Yep, a flash purge! We’ve noticed some players get active during the purge only to fade away right after, so this time they were caught by surprise. 👀 If you’re one of the affected, do know you can always ask to join again once you’re ready & sure you’ll be contributing. 🙃

For the unaware, MetaGame is currently capped to 150 players & 150 patrons, meaning we regularly purge the inactive to make space for newcomers. Existing players need to either step back into action, convert to patrons or GTFO.

At MetaGame, we’re building a tight-knit community & starting a global movement.
If you’re not contributing, you’re not welcome. 🤷‍♂️

🤗 Onboarding

The season opened up by wrapping up of the Better Onboarding raid with some pretty big upgrades to the onboarding system:

  • A testing role added for people to go through before becoming players

  • A notice board & simple evergreen quests for all the major roles

  • Cohort system ideated & an onboarding champion assigned to it

Misanth & others have since continued upgrading & refining the process through the practice of onboarding & training Engaged Octos into Players.

The latest cohort graduates: Tommymaher15, Huxwell, Rankko.eth, LeewardB, AnnaKaic, Polimyl, Udit-takkar & DeBilder

Besides this official onboarding path, Tenfinney built a fun onboarding flow through CryptoVoxels by combining his & our parcels then proceeded with giving us a tour of it on one of the Sunday Funday gatherings.

🍻 Innkeeping

The Better Onboarding slot on the calendar has been replaced by Innkeepers Align, championed by Tommy with Rankko as a deputy - kicked off with a discussion on the subdomains of innkeeping and their responsibilities.

Discord server structure has also seen a massive upgrade through the Metarrhizal Network raid led by FearlessThompson. A cleanup & reorganization, adding much needed information & links to the pinned posts of almost every channel.

Since; Tommy, Rankko & others have worked on the Community Roadmap & will be focusing on overhauling the Innkeeping docs as well as maintaining/updating work done in the Better Onboarding & the Metarrhizal Network raids along with the usual; trying to be helpful to other players.

Other than that, Rankko has started a follow4follow meme in an effort to strengthen the network by all players following all players on twitter.

👥 Meetups & workshops

We didn’t do any big events since MetaFest, so we decided to do an Open Office Week & show the world what working inside a DAO looks like - at least in our case.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Besides that, we’ve organized a bunch of smaller meetups:

Besides the above, we did a bunch of random Rabbit Hole deep dives on Community Gatherings as well as Sunday Fundays with activities as random as Throne (Chair’s father) coming to do a tarot reading.🌉

Workshops such as b0gie’s intro to 3D & Durguda’s Virtuous Cycles on sprinting without burning out, freeCodeCamp Camp Camp as well as a few internal workshops organized by Misanth about tokenomics, treasury management, file hosting and similar topics people were interested in discussing & resolving.

🌉 Bridgebuilding

In a bridgebuilding effort, we’ve decided to sponsor the latest Raid Guild cohort & they sent us a few builders. Besides that, we’ll most likely be sourcing the Playbooks UI from them as well as having regular calls to share updates & explore further collabs.

Besides bridgebuilding through organizing meetups with the above projects & helping some of them with things like spreading the word or getting funding, the only new guilds we’ve onboarded are Giveth & Liminal Village.

Onboarding Liminal Village kind of skips us to Phase III because its the first physical location guild. A beautiful place in Italy where players & guilds of MetaGame are now welcome to stay free of charge 😱

Oh, almost forgot! As a part of bridgebuilding efforts, we’ve sponsored MCON!

Either way, we’ll be focusing much more on bridgebuilding in general & more specifically, onboarding more guilds, in the next season - with the guild onboarding bot & docs finally finished (moar below).

🧚 XP Fairying

In light of imbalance in the XP system & the bottleneck of having a single, extremely busy person, in charge of the whole minting process - there was a new guild formed & coming to full shape over the past few months - the XP Fairies, led by penguin.

Besides keeping an eye out on #did-a-thing & #give-props to make sure great contributions don’t go undervalued, they’ve almost fully decentralized the process of minting Seeds with multiple people holding the knowledge required.

Making sure bottlenecks no longer happen & minting is on time was a high priority for this phase & its been a success… For the most part. Three mintings have happened more or less on time with the 4th one on the way 🙃

To help people reward each other fairly, we’ve also adopted a new format for posting in did-a-thing; instead of simply posting what they did, people now include Branch, Description, Effort, Impact & Artifact.

🖥️ Content

🖋️ Writing

Construction of all of the main great houses was completed:

The Playbooks raid was also finally assigned dedicated champions.
First picked up by Tommy, it has been handed off to a another champion breathing new life into it - chair. Although currently away for mcon, he’s been doing a good job pushing it forward by doing calls, organizing workflows & motivating others to write as well as experimenting with the video format for playbooks himself.

Current Playbooks:

Work has progressed on designing the actual Playbooks UI that should make it easier to post playbooks as well as allow people to rate & filter them etc. The UI build itself will most likely be sourced from Raid Guild.

Besides the above:

📻 Podcasting

MetaRadio continues smooth-sailing as the first fully streamlined & reliable workflow; getting a new series launched & 8 episodes released this season:

📽️ Videos

b0gie has stepped up as the Videolord aka the Video Guild Champion, started by putting together a list of all the video content that needs to get produced.

He then made the Intro to Internal Guilds video before proceeding to work on the MetaGame Explainer 👇

There’s a lot of work ahead of the Motion Guild, if you’re interested in working on videos just get in touch with b0gie!

We also have a bunch of content up back from MetaFest as well as some fresh content from MCON. You can check it all out here.

🎨 Art

The coolest piece? A MetaGame skateboard NFT that comes with a real board made by MLIBTY 👀

Don’t worry, its not the only NFT being minted 🙃

  • We had a few of our artists submit their work to the MCON auction - although on ultra-short notice, which explains why only so few:

  • biuxmaster, b0gie, musashi and mxjxn

  • But the one to look out for is the MetaManifesto, soon™️

Besides that, there wasn’t really much art produced in the past season as we wanted to focus way more on the technical as well as other, educational content side of things.

Also, there are a few pieces of art that got lost in discord, which is why dysbulic now set up an art repo to incentivize curation.

Rest assured, if you make good MetaGame art, you will get rewarded.

📱 Technology

As you might know already, technological development was the weakest part of MetaGame. We recognized this & put in a lot of effort in finding new builders, properly onboarding them & setting up processes in place.

The formation of the Builders Guild with Michiel as the champion running weekly calls, organizing sprints and facilitating roadmap creation, as well as better onboarding resources like codebase walkthrough and other smaller upgrades have all yielded great returns in terms of onboarding & retaining new builders as well engagement of the old.

Dan & Dave collaborated on designing & building out the filtering system for players on MyMeta with designs we’ll be able to apply on patrons, guilds, playbooks etc. Skills, timezone, availability, personality type as well as “this season” are all the ways you are now able to filter players by on MyMeta.

Guided by Daves design sprinkled by Trolleo’s icons, Blake & DeBilder co-built the first version of the MetaMenu. Majority of the work was done by blake who unfortunately had to leave for vacation. Luckily, DeBilder came in just in time & ready to step up to the challenge.

Dave designed the initial version of the New Blocks, Role Select, Top Skills & Playbooks; waiting for builders. Next up for the Designers Guild: finishing the MyMeta Flow/Dashboard & the design system then onto the new landing page.

…as well as final version of the above, after builders pick them up.

Dysbulic finished the migration of basic profiles from 3Box to IDX & continues working on our front-end for editing on IDX so we don’t have to keep sending people to 2 different place to make their profiles; a headache-inducing UX.

He also continued pushing forward the idea of pair-programming in the builders-dungeon & recording, with countless new sessions together with Michiel, Huxwell, LeewardB & others dropping in to join him.

Alec finished the guild onboarding UI allowing us to continue onboarding guilds without as much overhead & more useful information, such as auto-updated lists of members. Although not designed yet, we should be able to pull out & display all kinds of data from guild discord servers. 👀

For the uninitiated, most of the guild profiles will be based on discord servers (because not all guilds have a DAOHaus DAO & almost all have discord servers.)

Sackofjoy built in xDAI & Polygon DAO support on MyMeta.

Vyvy-vi made a prototype of the Sherpabot & demoed it, soon to be released

Saimano installed Clarity analytics on so we can stop guessing what people do there & make more informed decisions going forward.

📣 Growth

📣 Shilling

Builders Guild is not the only guild that gained some structure & leadership during this season; Shillers Guild rose up as well.

Championed by FearlessThompson with AnnaKajic coming up as the deputy, they’ve since been diving into our content & marketing strategy, surveying what we have & digging up hidden treasures on the wiki, substack, podcast & other places; coming up with a tweeting schedule, tweet types & whatnot.

  • Previously completely neglected, this made MetaGame’s twitter follower count almost double in the past two months 😁

🕵️‍♀️ Headhunting

The Headhunters Guild was formed & the first Headhunting raid coordinated by Kylestargarden has infiltrated the Hack Money hackathon by ETHGlobal. He obtained a list of all the builders & their basic info then proceeded to gather headhunters to help him sift through it & contact people.

And not just for MetaGame! People from the hackathon were also directed to other Meta ecosystem guilds. Although the Headhunters Guild is currently without a champion (maybe its waiting for you 😱), we do have a bunch of new builders 🙃

Of course, not just because of the Headhunting raid. We’ve been calling for builders all over the interwebz, from a job post on AngelList to threads on MMO-RPG forums & tons of subreddits - thanks to Rankko.

🤝 Shilling & Bridgebuilding

The time has come to start shilling MyMeta & the overall idea of building decentralized interoperable profiles on Ceramic. peth has updated the post about it & put it up on the wiki, started an inter-DAO Web3 Profiles working group together with Joel from 3Box & invited a bunch of organizations. Other than that, also shilled it at Panvala’s monthly townhall.

🙏 Proposals

Of course, not everything “just happens”;
here’s what we voted on this season:

  • What guild we should onboard next? Giveth

  • Which projects should we donate to on Giveth? Permaculture Action Network, Bloom Network & Grassroots Economics Community Currency

  • How much should we donate? $2000 worth of Seeds

  • We have $80k in the treasury, wat do? Water the Seed plantation over 3 months

  • Should we decrease default channel weight from 1 to 0.1? Yes

  • Should we gate set-eth-address to Engaged & Curious Octos? Yes

  • Should we add RAI to the pool? Yes

  • Should we sponsor MCON? Yes

  • Should we sponsor the Raid Guild cohort? Yes

  • Should we support the Co2 sequestering offorts by KlimaDAO? Yes

🪐 Champions Ring

Firstly, you probably noticed by now that the Navigation Board itself looks very different. We have sacrificed the Doughnut for a map that displays all the roles & domains inside MetaGame.

Rather than their position on the ring, priorities are now displayed with 🚨

Instead of trying to map one big roadmap all together, roadmap is now split into 4 domains; discussed & set up by the guilds & roles that fall under each domain. Going forward, we’ll also be more intentional on setting clear goals.

New players joined the Champions Ring as well; some as champions, some as deputies & some as both: Rankko, eowulia, Anna, b0gie, ApeironCreations & eowulia

And the full roster now displays:

  • Dave - Designers Guild

  • Michiel - Builders Guild

  • Alec - Builders Guild deputy

  • Gnomeski - Writers Guild

  • penguin - Bot Army, MetaMerch, XP Fairies

  • defileZebra - Scribe

  • Misanth - Artists Guild, Wellbeing Quest, Onboaders

  • FearlessThompson - Shillers Guild, Designers Guild deputy

  • AnnaKaic - Shillers Guild

  • tommy - Innkeepers Guild, Necromancer

  • Rankko - Innkeepers Guild deputy

  • b0gie - Videolord

  • chair - Playbooks

  • Bacon - Knowledge Worker

  • ApeironCreations - Doing Good

  • eowulia - MetaRadio, deputy Necromancer

  • peth - Newsletter, Bridgebuilding, Roadmap Keeper, Quests, Rainmakers Guild

To make it clear once again; the Champions Ring is not some exclusive club, its simply an accountability circle for the people with the most responsibility 🤷‍♂️

Sounds cool? You can join it by taking up one of the missing champion roles, becoming someone’s deputy or coming up with a new raid or guild altogether 🙃

🎉Season Closing/Launching Ceremony

We had a great season closing/launching ceremony, don’t tell me you missed out!

Starting with Vinay Gupta on the promises of the blockchain & stopping climate change, we went on promoting Engaged Octos to Players, answering season closing/launching questions & onwards!

Onwards, yeah, for 6+ hours all in all 😂

What happened overall:

  • Interesting talk & conversations around saving the world

  • Lots of laughter & great time

  • We decided to do carbon capture NFTs with Vinay

  • We started a diversity raid to put an end to MetaGame-as-a-boys-club.

👇 Some of the season close/launch questions & answers by the community

Past Season

What did you like the most?

The improved onboarding process & clarity on how to contribute. Feeling supported & valued. Vibes, teamwork & getting to learn together. Finding a home in Web3. Seeing my code in production & earning XP. Feeling welcome & a part of this great overall purpose. Meeting new cool people. Seeing new people step into leading roles. Builders guild finally taking off.

What did you like the least?

Not enough utility for Seeds yet. So many projects & so little time! Not being able to get more involved. Too long alignment calls without structure. Fear around Seed price. Confusion around processess. The general feeling of wading through syrup being a part of a herd of cats.

Next Season

What are you looking forward to?

Seed Economy. Finishing MyMeta & working on MetaOS. Better guides on guild workflows. NFT badges. Being able to sync back in. More collabs, warm fuzzy fluffy & dark humour vibes. More structured ways of handling tasks. Onboarding more likeminded people & newbies to crypto. Getting to know everyone more. Developing income streams for the DAO.

What are your wishes?

More focus in terms of what we do & finish MyMeta. More focused raids & even more hangouts. More efficient calls. Workflows all drawn out. We buy property on each inhabitable continent. More squad development & project-incubation. For us to be attractive to some groovy and uncontrolling investors.

What are you afraid of?

That our monetary outflow continues exceeding influx, Seed market collapses & we’re unable to attract talent. We remain over the place & don’t manage to build enough on time to raise funds before bear market. A lack of longetivity due to financial reasons. Becoming just another space & forgetting our roots. Becoming flooded with players & losing the small town vibe.

📈 Onwards & Upwards!

Alright, let’s end this madness of a post!

Here’s what we’re gonna do, roughly:

  • Ship MyMeta 1.0 & shill it hard to other DAOs

  • Build a functional platform

  • Produce a shitton more educational content

  • Focus more on bridgebuilding & helping other projects

  • Get funding so players can stop treating MG as a hobby

Though I’m often impatient, I’m actually amazed at how far we’ve; I had this crazy idea and I put it out on the internet. Fast forward & there are all of these amazing people gathering around our meme, breathing life into it, pushing it forward.

Its kind of insane when you think about it, isn’t it?

Now its just a matter of adding fuel 👀

Love you all,

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