Meta #21 - Seed Reparations & Other Shiet

Things going on!

Going on for 2 hours with almost 30 people, SourceCred x MetaGame meetup was 🔥! If you missed it, you could at least listen to this podcast episode where we interviewed Decentralion. Which brings me to…


We’ve been rolling out episodes! So far, we got:

With the recent launch of the MetaFactory & Mess Adoption podcasts, along with the now-veteran Wizards of Dapps - we reckon it’s about time to launch MetaRadio.

MetaRadio will bring together all the podcasts & music from the Meta family on the same page. Music? Yeah, When? When someone decides to champion the raid & start building the website… Is it you?

Fork The World

Another thing you might have missed was this Fork The World hackathon announcement. Since the announcement, we have partnered with Aragon to bring you DAO Hack Month - more on that soon.

Fork The World is the first DAO-focused hackathon. As opposed to the usual hackathons, we decided to make it about more than just code hacking.

So let's also hack on some educational content, designs & memes. Let’s launch some DAOs & even try to break a DAO!

Join through here.

Wiki Overhaul

Making peace with the fact we won’t have the next version of InterState/MetaVille for a while still, we figured the static part of the MetaGame brain will continue living on for the foreseeable future…

So, Kris & I gave it a huge overhaul!

The whole thing is rearranged & updated with a lot of content. Go check it out and tell us what sucks, what’s missing etc.

House of MetaFam

Part of that peace-making was also making this first version of the House of MetaFam, bringing together everything one might need inside MetaGame.

It should be useful for finding your way around MetaGame, but also give you a glimpse into what we want MetaVille to be.

Check it out here!

Oh, and if you’re on Discord, try using “>portals".

Why is MetaGame So Slow?

If you’re asking yourself “so what’s with MyMeta & MetaVille raids, why no updates?”

Besides the MetaVille champion breaking his laptop and waiting for a new one to arrive, all of us are working on MetaGame & claiming money doesn’t matter to us.

I do believe this is true in a sense that if we all simply had a bunch of money, we could be working on MetaGame and not care about when/if it starts paying the bills.

The problem is, most people don’t have a bunch of money. So instead of working on MetaGame, they are banging their heads against the wall, figuring out how to actually pay for their living expenses.

Fuck MetaGame if it doesn’t put food on the table.
- Normal People

But you are not normal people, and we appreciate that ❤️

Ever since it’s inception, MetaGame has been a labor of love.

  • Not a single person has been paid to work on MetaGame.

And now that we have fostered a community of value-aligned people willing to work for free, it is time MetaGame started paying them.

Seed Reparations

As you might have noticed, turned out the bug in SourceCred was bigger than we initially thought. It won’t really be fixed until the next version of SourceCred, but we got a work-around and we’ll be minting Seeds by the end of this week :)

Before we start minting any Seeds, we’re having a meetup with you, dear contributors, to run through the contribution sheet. We’ll be scanning & discussing whatever contribution might be missing or isn’t properly accounted for.

When? This Friday, 7pm CET - get on the calendar.

If you want to come prepared, dig through the cred scores and find what you dislike.