Fork The World - Extended!

Bigger pot, more bounties, more workshops & all of that!


We were saddened to see that so much money would be returned to the sponsors vs. given to great hackers - so we’ve extended Fork The World for another 5 days!

There’s things to learn & money to be made - so let’s keep it going!

📢 Workshops & Talks

Today! - 10am PST / 7pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Intro to cadCAD with Griff Green of Commons Stack

Monday! - 10am PST / 7pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Decentralised Autonomous Art Festival live design session using DAOcanvas, with James Simbouras of TrojanDAO & Felipe Duarte

Wednesday - 8:30am PST / 5:30pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Hackers check-in, help request, shill & hangout.

    9am PST / 6pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Product Design Hypersprint by Andrej of DeepWork

2:30pm PST / 23:30 CET Add to 🗓️

  • Conviction Voting on cadCADWorkshop with mZargham of Block Science

Thursday - 7-8:30am PST / 4-5:30pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Legal Wrappers for DAOs by Adam Juris of LexDAO

10am PST / 7PM CET Add to 🗓️

  • The Home of Women in the DAO space by Juliana of MetaGamma Delta

Friday - 11am PST / 8pm CET

Experimental Web3 Bootstrapping & Fundraising Methods Add to 🗓️

  • The DAOHaus Wae by James Waugh 5-10min

  • The DeFi Wae by Cooper Turley 5-10min

  • The MetaFam Wae by peth 5-10min

  • Open Discussion / Panel 10-20min

  • Hackers SOS, Shill Hacks & Submit before Midnight 😱

Monday - 11am PST / 8pm CET Add to 🗓️

  • Judgement Day.

  • Closing Ceremony & The After Party!

Or just add the whole damn calendar.

If there’s a workshop you’d like to see listed, send us a suggestion & we’ll try to make it happen. Always feel free to contact any of us or @petheth & @yalor specifically & ask for any kind of help.

How to make money by doing cool things, you ask?

⚔️ Bounties & Raids

Educational/promotional/viral DAO Content $500 Attack ⚔️

  • Any kind of content around & about DAOs. We got a few submissions, but still a big opportunity to contribute something of greater value.

Design Bounties $500 Attack ⚔️

  • We got a few memes & shirt designs for MetaCartetel, MetaFactory & MetaGame, but still a lot of value to be captured.

MetaMaps Simple Mapping Bounty $500 Attack ⚔️

  • The basic version is done, which means this bounty now becomes an open raid like MyMeta, and anyone helping upgrade it gains.

Skill Tree - Mapping Web3 Knowledge $500 Attack ⚔️

  • We got the technical side built, but need to populate it with data. If you’re knowledgeable in any web3 or just remote work skills, great opportunity for you.

Decentralized DAO Metadata for DAOHaus $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Data storage for DAOs, should be easy money for someone who worked with 3Box’ Ceramic, Arweave or the like.

NFT Welcome Kit $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Make joining DAOs more delightful, doesn’t seem like anyone’s tackling it yet.

  • If you’re interested in the design side of this hack, check out the Design Bounty.

Most Unique and Engaged DAO $500 - Attack ⚔️

  • Basically “coolest new DAO in DAOHaus”, seems wide open. If you’ve been working on a project that could be DAOfied, great opportunity.

Minion-enabled Plugins $1000 - Attack ⚔️

  • Build something with the Minion & make Moloch DAOs more autonomous.

  • Watch this minion workshop & take a stab at it.

Bounty Board or Set Roles on Aragon $1500 - Attack ⚔️

  • An app for posting tasks within & eventually between Aragon DAOs.

  • An app for setting roles for automatic payouts.

Awesome Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Build the best possible DAO onboarding experience.

Bot Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Make DAO operations better by using bots. We're looking for the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to make DAO operations better via bots.

Human Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Things that make it easier for people to join DAOs. This bounty will go to the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to help people join a DAO.

Capital Onboarding 5ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • Make it easier for people to coordinate capital into DAOs. This bounty will go to the easiest, fastest, and most useful way to get capital into a DAO.

Collab19 DAO Bounties 6ETH - Attack ⚔️

  • 3ETH to the best tool/thing that improves upon the Collab19 MVP.

  • 3ETH to the best Collab19 system DAO deployed in the wild.

Gnosis Conditional Token Frame Futarch Bounty $3000 - Attack ⚔️

  • Use Gnosis’ conditional token frame to build prediction-markets based governance for a DAO. A few applicants but still room.

MyMeta Open Raid $Uncapped - Attack ⚔️

  • Just join the raid & start contributing to building these Web3 profiles and you’ll automagically be rewarded. Check how it works through here.

🍴🌍 Prizes

Then there are the prizes whose winners will be chosen by our team of judges:

DAO Interoperability Hack $500

  • Best tool or service for operating between DAOs.

Best MyMeta extension $500

  • The best upgrade/biggest contribution to the MyMeta raid.

A Great DAO tool $1000

  • That useful thing for DAOs you’ve been thinking about, or at least an MVP of it. $1000 & a chance at further funding.

Awesome New DAO $1000

  • This goes out to the best new DAO launched during the DAO Hack Month. $1500 & a chance at further funding.

??? Surprise Prizes Pool $1500

~$25,000 total in the rewards pool.

And with the lack of good submissions, all those sweet $$$ go back into the DAO 😱

Don’t let that happen 🙃,

Fork The World Opening 😱

join us in an hour

We have entered the second half of the DAO Hack Month.

It brings us… Well, if you already know all of that, you can just go straight to Discord.

Fork The World 2020

The meme of Fork The World is to push forward the movement towards decentralized societies.
Posing a question: Do we really need CEOs, presidents & vice-presidents?
Nation States & Facebook? Maybe.
Maybe not 🤷

The goal of this hackathon isn't for you to hack on our projects for money, the goal of this hackathon is for you to start building your own project & a DAO. As you can see by the agenda, there is almost everything one might need for doing so, from designing a product & a DAO, to choosing a framework & engineering a token.

But we do also offer ways for easy money 🙃

🗓 Schedule:

July 20th 7pm CET/ 10am PST - Fork The World Opening

Opening Fork The World, we have everything it makes sense to have for introducing a DAO hackathon :)

  • Fork The World Opening - The DAO, WTF is FTW, etc. by peth of MetaGame

  • What is a DAO & why it’s awesome by burrrata of Aragon

  • Hackers Meet & Greet An hour later:

  • What kind of DAOs are there? by Mason of Messari (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (10min)

  • The real world, off-chain DAOs by Magenta of Bloom Network (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (10min)

  • Rebuilding nations with DAOs by Luuk of CuraDAO (20min)

  • Q&A/Hackers Chat (??min)

July 21st 8pm CET/ 11am PST - Enter the DAO

Overview of each DAO framework followed by a panel discussing differences:

  • Aragon by Enrique of Aragon

  • Colony by Auryn of Colony

  • DAOstack by Eric of DAOstack

  • DAOHaus by Ross of OpenLaw

Followed by DAO workshops going in parallel at 9pm CET/ 12am PST:

  • Working with the Moloch & Moloch Minion by Ross & Dekan of Raid Guild

  • Working with Aragon Connect by Gabi of Aragon 9:30pm CET/ 12:30am PST:

  • Conditional Token Framework by Alan of Gnosis

July 22nd - Bounties, Product & DAO Design Day

On day 3 we'll show you some more awesome tools for running DAOs, some more awesome DAOs & their battleplans & we'll help you design a product or a DAO.

  • - What is it and how to use it by James of Abridged

  • _Prtcl & Intercreativity - What is it and how to use it by Pepo of _Prtcl

  • Hackers Chat - Come meet other hackers and hear their plans.
    An hour later:

  • MetaFactory - What is it and what does it need?

  • Raid Guild x MetaGame - What dungeons are we hitting & raid party invite.

  • DAOHaus Bauhaus - What is DAOHaus and what are the bounties?
    3 hours later:

  • Product Design Hypersprint by Andrej of DeepWork

  • DAO Design Workshop by Felipe Duarte

July 23rd - Moar Workshops

July 24th-30th

  • Random workshops & hacker check-ins at 5pm CET / 8am PST.

  • Check voice channels on Discord for activity.

  • Ping @petheth, @yalor or @burrrata for help.

July 31st

  • Legalities around DAOs with Ross of LexDAO.

  • Bootstrapping Token Economies

  • Intro to cadCAD modeling with Griff of Commons Stack

  • Engineering a token system - Roles, Policies and Incentives with Angela of TokenEngineering

August 1st

  • Building Diverse Ecosystems by Mahoney of MetaGammaDelta

  • ???

August 2nd

  • Final hack submissions day 😱

August 3rd

  • The Judgement Day.

All events are almost on the calendar, get your invite. 🙃

🧙‍♂️ Team Formation / Looking for a Party


Random hack ideas

  • Bounties App on Aragon

  • A Twitter plugin for SourceCred.

  • Molocred

  • Colony bot to do reputation weighted polling in Telegram?

  • Build something with _Prtcl (like git, but for ideas)

  • Break a DAO

  • Moloch DAO 2 DAO proposal maker

  • Moloch DAO 2 DAO Voter

  • Moloch Uniswap

  • Your idea.

  • DO IT.

🍴🌍 Prizes

Other than bounty-specific, we have these prizes - making up a total of ~$15k

  • Most useful long term $500

  • Most innovative hack $500

  • Most creative hack $500

  • Best New DAO $500

  • DAO Interoperability Hack $500

  • Best MyMeta extension $500

  • Biggest vulnerability discovered $500

  • ??? Surprise Prize $500

  • ??? Surprise Prize $500

Jump on Discord or get on the calendar.

We received some awesome ideas through the submission form, that I hope you will be hacking on. Join us tomorrow, tell us about it & add it here.

Meta #22 - DAO Hack Month, Seed Market, MyMeta etc.

MetaTrain chugging happily along! Choo-choo!!!

DAO Hack Month / Fork The World

Since the announcement of the Fork The World hackathon, we joined forces with Aragon to form the DAO Hack Month.

Well, Aragon kicked off the DAO Hack Month a few days ago, so what’yer waitin’ for? Join us on Discord!

There’s some sweet bounties going:

If none of that sounds appealing to build, here’s a sneak peak into the first 3 days of Fork The World, starting in 9 days:

Join the opening event through here.


For recent MetaGame followers: As you might suppose from the screenshot below, MyMeta is your modular profile/portfolio page for MetaGame & beyond.

The design is finished and the raid party almost fully formed:

  • Marko (design)

  • Paco (back-end)

  • befitsandpiper (front-end)

  • Kris (front-end)

  • Hammad (full-stack)

  • …with reinforcements from other guilds on their way.

There will be a lot of work done on building out the front-end and hooking it up to the back-end, until and during the hackathon. At some point in the near future, you should be able to set up your profile, and see the Guild pages & MyMeta Dashboard in the making.

Here’s the v0.99 of the personal profile design:


Seed Market

After many months of thinking, tinkering & debugging around SourceCred, AraCred, Aragon and the whole idea around the Seeds and their economics - the Seeds have been distributed and the Seed market launched 😱

You can go here and buy some Seeds, though it’s not advisable 🙃

Burrrata & the DAO Agent are proceeding with hooking up the Seed market with the supply of fresh liquids; counterintuitively, making you less likely to slip while on your way to exchange some Seeds.

If the recent distribution of Seeds credited you with a stack of Seeds you’re itching to get rid of, you may proceed with selling them - if you dare.


After weeks of prolonging the waste of time with ever-new excuses, the MetaVille champion has finally ghosted on us! 🙃

If you’re reading this, it’s fine! MetaGame developers have enough on their hands & we got enough going on anyway - I mean, just check the State of Raids

For now, we’ll just simulate the basic functionalities MetaVille with what we got 🤷‍♂️. By integrating an interactive MetaGame map into the Wiki & playing with this spatial audio room Hammad integrated a few days ago.

If you’re interested in championing a spatial interface for meetups, useful info & yield farming - hit us up.

Raid Guild & MetaGame Aligning

Gearing up to Fork The World, we are too meet up with our Raid Guild brethren & sistren. There, we shall go through many of hacking ideas, align & devise tactics for conquering the world.

We’ll probably do a briefing during Fork The World, but you might want to get in on the planning session too.

State of Raids

Welcome New MetaGamers

Last but not least, welcome our newest active players, Eli & befitsandpiper!

Eli is here to help us continue making shit more understandable, already making good progress on the Wiki, and befit is here to help us push MyMeta forward.

Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! 😊

Thank you for reading 🙏,
& see you around :)
- peth

Meta #21 - Seed Reparations & Other Shiet

Things going on!

Going on for 2 hours with almost 30 people, SourceCred x MetaGame meetup was 🔥! If you missed it, you could at least listen to this podcast episode where we interviewed Decentralion. Which brings me to…


We’ve been rolling out episodes! So far, we got:

With the recent launch of the MetaFactory & Mess Adoption podcasts, along with the now-veteran Wizards of Dapps - we reckon it’s about time to launch MetaRadio.

MetaRadio will bring together all the podcasts & music from the Meta family on the same page. Music? Yeah, When? When someone decides to champion the raid & start building the website… Is it you?

Fork The World

Another thing you might have missed was this Fork The World hackathon announcement. Since the announcement, we have partnered with Aragon to bring you DAO Hack Month - more on that soon.

Fork The World is the first DAO-focused hackathon. As opposed to the usual hackathons, we decided to make it about more than just code hacking.

So let's also hack on some educational content, designs & memes. Let’s launch some DAOs & even try to break a DAO!

Join through here.

Wiki Overhaul

Making peace with the fact we won’t have the next version of InterState/MetaVille for a while still, we figured the static part of the MetaGame brain will continue living on for the foreseeable future…

So, Kris & I gave it a huge overhaul!

The whole thing is rearranged & updated with a lot of content. Go check it out and tell us what sucks, what’s missing etc.

House of MetaFam

Part of that peace-making was also making this first version of the House of MetaFam, bringing together everything one might need inside MetaGame.

It should be useful for finding your way around MetaGame, but also give you a glimpse into what we want MetaVille to be.

Check it out here!

Oh, and if you’re on Discord, try using “>portals".

Why is MetaGame So Slow?

If you’re asking yourself “so what’s with MyMeta & MetaVille raids, why no updates?”

Besides the MetaVille champion breaking his laptop and waiting for a new one to arrive, all of us are working on MetaGame & claiming money doesn’t matter to us.

I do believe this is true in a sense that if we all simply had a bunch of money, we could be working on MetaGame and not care about when/if it starts paying the bills.

The problem is, most people don’t have a bunch of money. So instead of working on MetaGame, they are banging their heads against the wall, figuring out how to actually pay for their living expenses.

Fuck MetaGame if it doesn’t put food on the table.
- Normal People

But you are not normal people, and we appreciate that ❤️

Ever since it’s inception, MetaGame has been a labor of love.

  • Not a single person has been paid to work on MetaGame.

And now that we have fostered a community of value-aligned people willing to work for free, it is time MetaGame started paying them.

Seed Reparations

As you might have noticed, turned out the bug in SourceCred was bigger than we initially thought. It won’t really be fixed until the next version of SourceCred, but we got a work-around and we’ll be minting Seeds by the end of this week :)

Before we start minting any Seeds, we’re having a meetup with you, dear contributors, to run through the contribution sheet. We’ll be scanning & discussing whatever contribution might be missing or isn’t properly accounted for.

When? This Friday, 7pm CET - get on the calendar.

If you want to come prepared, dig through the cred scores and find what you dislike.

Fork The World Hackathon

Today marks the 4th anniversary since the downfall of the first DAO the world has seen. With the goal of funding the Ethereum ecosystem development, it attracted 11.5m ETH or $2.7 billion in today’s money.

Due to incessant hack attacks, it soon started leaking gas and the whole thing blew up. Grown-ups wept like toddlers, Ethereum was forked, faith was lost and a dark age for DAOs had begun…

Fast Forward

It is 5 A.D. now. And though we’re a long way from 11.5m ETH staked in the DAO ecosystem - let alone a single DAO - we now have 4 frameworks for building DAOs: Aragon, Colony, DAOStack & the Moloch.

However, what these nascent DAO frameworks are good for is mostly just fund management & voting. Automating away the top of the pyramid & the need for trust is great, but we all know what we currently have is far from enough when it comes to building organizations.

Not to mention the whole inter-DAO system is completely missing, and how are we to build a decentralized society without it?

Decentralized Society?

For me, this whole blockchain movement can be split into 3 major epochs. The rise of digital gold, followed by programmable money, leading into the age of decentralized organizations.

Ending the governmental monopoly over creation of money & enforcement of rules, we could say blockchain forms the bedrock of a post-nation-state world; it’s not hard to see some of these decentralized societies flippening nation state economies over the coming decade.

First DAO Hackathon

There hasn’t been a DAO focused hackathon yet, so we decided to start one. We also decided to make it about more than just development while we’re at it. Let’s hack on some designs, let’s hack some growth for existing DAOs, let’s launch some new DAOs!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll try to garner more support. We’ll be contacting the above mentioned DAO framework makers, DAOs & orgs that might be interested in boosting the building of decentralized coordination tools on Ethereum. EF? ConsenSys? If you’re reading this, come on. 💁‍♂️

We will give our best to unite the Ethereum ecosystem in this effort, but keep your expectations low - this will probably be a rather cozy hackathon with no big prizes. What we’ll try instead is to help you set up as a long term project on a path to financial independence.

July the 20th

What better time to kick this off, than the anniversary of The DAO hard-fork 🤷‍♂️

Whoever’s in - drop into this chat or subscribe here.

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